Lower Body Muscle Workout Equipment Extreme Pro

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BL Roller Pro Extreme is a home fitness equipment, designed as a simple, but powerful solution for working out lower body muscles.

It can load the hamstrings, gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, gluteus minimus, quadriceps, as well as the abdominal muscles, thighs.

The equipment is suitable for men and women, for professionals, athletes, cross fit builders and aesthetics builders. It can be used by beginners and pros alike.

It can be used as a balance and core stability equipment, for improving upright posture, for body sculpturing exercises or for aesthetically improving butt and thighs shape.

It easily allows you to enhance the shape of the buttocks, hips and thighs. Working out with the equipment can help in adding buttock’s volume and projection, and better overall shape and symmetry of lower body.

Simple Innovative Equipment, Built to Discover Possibilities

Simply built, but powerful and effective solution for working out lower body muscles.

Lower Body Improvement Equipment Extreme Pro

Solid Steel Frame

High quality built. Powder coated solid steel & stainless steel construction.

With Option for Additional Weights

Weights can be added, for maximum experience and better results.

Refined Materials and Design

TrueGrip Mat™ for better foot grip force and patented foot hold space during workout and exercise for superior results.

Bearings Movement

It features urethane wheels and bearings movement for smoothest sliding experience.

Featured Below are Some of the Main Exercises that can be Accomplished with the Equipment

But also may include many more variation such as: hamstring curl, bulgarian split squat, gluteus curl, posterior plank, crunch, pike crunch, crunch & push up, roll, single leg roll, leg side roll.

CURTSY LUNGE equipment


  1. Improves body balance and stability
  2. Outlines upper and upper side part of the buttocks
  3. Burns fat in inner thighs
  4. Inner thighs gap
  5. Rounds the buttocks

The curtsy lunges slide exercise works the glutes medius group muscle, which is located on top of the buttocks. Think of this exercise of it works on upper part of the buttocks and inner thighs.


Lateral Lunges

  1. Improves Balance and Stability
  2. Helps in rounding the buttocks
  3. Outlines and enhances inner and outer thighs
  4. Reduces the appearance of cellulite

The lateral lunges exercise works the gluteus medius and multiple muscle groups throughout your lower body, including your quadriceps, abductors, and hamstrings.

Bridge exersice


  1. Improves Balance and Stability
  2. Lifts the buttocks
  3. Works on hamstrings
  4. Builds overall butt volume
  5. Removes the buttocks banana rolls (“double butt”)
  6. Improves upright posture

The bridge exercise works the gluteus minimus and hamstring muscles.

Reverse lunge tool


  1. Improves Balance and Stability
  2. Pumps center of buttocks
  3. Burns excessive fat in thighs and hip
  4. Outlines front and back of thighs
  5. Improves upright posture

The exercise works several muscles in the lower body including the glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings, calves and even your core muscles to some extent.

Belly fat burn loss exercise

It Burns Belly Fat

The equipment is successful in burning belly fat. Unlike most ab rollers on market, the power movement goes to the legs, rather than the hands. This helps to complete the full cycle of the exercise, if you are not in a good physical or fit shape. You can also easily make as much more exercise repetitions, compared to traditional abs rollers, which leads to better results in belly fat loss.


The equipment is built as a home gym equipment. It features floor protective wheels and BumpFoam® side panel for wall & furniture protection. Urethane wheels and bearings movement makes the equipment usable on any home flooring surfaces- carpets, laminate flooring, hardwood, vinyl or tile.

Size dimensions: 52cm x 35cm x 24 cm; Weight: 26kg (including weights 2x 5kg).

4 reviews for Lower Body Muscle Workout Equipment Extreme Pro

  1. kostadonis222

    Very nice equipment.What is the cost to ship to Emirates, Dubai?

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  2. Mia

    Every morning I am doing three types of exercises at home.It goes just fine under the bed. I love it. I feel my butt stronger and bigger after few weeks of usage. Anyway I have not yet decided for Brazilian Butt Lift surgery, so for now I am quite happy with it. It you got more videos, you would be more helpful. Specially for better inner gap between legs or relative.

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  3. Tittmann (Verified Purchase)

    Ich habe nach 1 Monat Großer Po und schlanke Taille. Ich bin fröhlich

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  4. marie (Verified Purchase)

    Perfekt, das Roller ist so leise, dass es meinen Nachbarn unter mir auch nicht stört. Ich habe es 2 Wochen gemacht und echt viel an meinen Beinen abgenommen vorher war da gar keine Lücke jetz ist sie ca 4,5-5cm ! Vielen Dank lohnt sich echt

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