Workout Equipment for Balance, Stability and Lower Body Aesthetics

Innovative, versatile and easy to use, it fits any current fitness level.

Our equipment is built as a home gym tool, but is also used in many sports, wellness, leisure, gym and aesthetic centres. Made for athletes, professionals and seniors & elders.

Multi functional, simple and extremely effective tool

BL Roller is a tool to work out hamstrings, abdominal, core and consequently all the main muscle groups. It is particularly useful in athletic preparation but also to achieve aesthetic goals, for wellness purposes and for senior core strengthen exercises.

Simple Innovative Equipment, Built to Discover Possibilities

Bl Roller removes the complexity of heavy gym equipment and lets you focus precisely on what matters most: Balance & Stabilisation, Core & Torso Muscle Strength, Aesthetics.

Butt lift Roller Pro

For Upright Posture and Better Balance

Stability and balance exercises should be part of everyone’s training since they ensure the man is engaging the underlying postural muscles that create the foundation needed to add strength, power, and endurance. The goal of balance exercises with BL Roller Pro is to improve stability and coordination throughout your body. Balance helps you stay upright as you do activities like walking, biking, climbing stairs, or dancing.

How Does the Equipment Work

Practicing rolling exercises with the equipment, creates the need of using body balance in any point during exercise. The body tries to creates stability – forcing the muscles and body to adapt. This helps strengthen key muscles in order to regain balance, improving stability, muscle growth and shape.

Lower body Improvement with Lateral Lunges

Doing Lateral Lunges with Bl Roller Pro Extreme is an effective, functional, and compound exercise that hits your Quadriceps and Glutes. If you are looking to sculpt a curvaceous butt or to strengthen your thighs, then this variation of a lunge is your best bet